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6.11. Game of sticks

This is a very simple game of sticks. There are 21 sticks, first the user picks number of sticks between 1-4, then the computer picks sticks(1-4). Who ever will pick the last stick will loose. Can you find out the case when the user will win ?

#!/usr/bin/env python

sticks = 21

print "There are 21 sticks, you can take 1-4 number of sticks at a time."
print "Whoever will take the last stick will loose"

while True:
    print "Sticks left: " , sticks
    sticks_taken = int(raw_input("Take sticks(1-4):"))
    if sticks == 1:
        print "You took the last stick, you loose"
    if sticks_taken >=5 or sticks_taken <=0:
        print "Wrong choice"
    print "Computer took: " , (5 - sticks_taken) , "\n\n"
    sticks -= 5